Happy 2019!


Welcoming a New Year is the perfect time to send warm wishes, spread good cheers and set resolutions. The Frozen Lime Team kick-started the year reviewing, planning and stategising what we would like to achieve this year, not only as a team, but individually as well. We looked back at our milestones and challenges in 2018 and gleaned lessons on things we would like to improve. We celebrated wins and found inspirations through daily discoveries in work and colleagues while setting our 2019 aspirations.

Read on to see what our team had to say and learn a little more about who they are.…. 


What an amazing and exciting year 2018 was! Frozen Lime has grown while building new relationships with clients, partners and vendors. I am ever so grateful to Team FLAmazing for the incredible success we have had. For 2019, we are ready to expand to new regions, adopt the latest technology and nurture our team to soar new heights. Personally, I would like to make more time to serve the community and animals in need.


Read some awesome books, one of which is, Doing the Right things Right by Laura Stack. I learn what it takes to become an effective leader - that is, achieve my goals and excel at solving difficult problems by doing the right thing. I have also learned how to become more efficient in managing the company and achieve better results in less time and effort. Another great achievement was going on a hiking trip to Taiwan in 2018.  

Jasmine Teow

Witnessing the growth of Frozen Lime in the industry was exciting and fulfilling, as a close-knit team, we celebrated many wins as well as faced challenges together. The esprit de corp is what makes Frozen Lime special, everyone has been hands-on and as the saying goes, "You'll never walk alone." Off work, I am grateful to see my fellow volunteers in ministry work reap rewards as we reached out to more people in the community. For 2019, I am setting fitness goals in physical, mental and spiritual health, while learning to live in the present. Being happy!


Jasmine Ong 

In 2018, I’ve gained a year of airline revenue management experience and now in 2019, I’ve decided to take on a new challenge with Frozen Lime by value-adding to the Revenue and Distributions team from my experience in the field. Since having a new little one just last September, I would like to strike a good work-life balance where I can contribute greatly to the organisation and being there for my children's important milestones. For my personal goal, It would be great if I can squeeze in at least one good read a month too.

Zhi Hoe

I am grateful for my supportive family and friends who believe in me. I have also challenged myself to take up more responsibilities by propelling Frozen Lime’s social media footprint. I ran the KL Tower vertical marathon and bungee-jumped on the beautiful slopes of New Zealand. What else could I have asked for in 2018! I'm starting the year off with a promotion and I'm ready to excel in work, focus on fitness goals, travel to a new destination and spend more time with loved ones. 

Kelly Lui 

I have spent more time with family and friends, explored things that never tried and going to new places in 2018. The new experiences helped to keep my mind open and I have built new strengths facing challenges professionally and personally.I would love to keep curiosity alive, stay positive and continue learning in 2019.


In 2018, I made the transition in my career from an Online Travel Agent to Revenue and Distribution team member in Frozen Lime. I’ve learnt new systems and want to carry on learning more, in order to complete the tasks more efficiently. I achieved one of my dreams of buying a new house so that I can build a home with my husband. For 2019, I would like to live simple, and dream big.


2018 was an amazing year for me. I joined Frozen Lime and immersed myself into the fascinating world of hospitality. I am grateful for kind colleagues and clients who supported me along the way. Something crazy for me was going for both yoga and rock climbing at least once weekly before heading to work. I was never an early bird nor a Yoga believer but I started with a 30-day challenge and I am glad it became a habit. For 2019, I am focused to be 1% better every day- To be a better person towards my clients, colleagues, family and friends. I aim to achieve this through a daily reflection practice on what can be done better at the end of each day and meditation to keep stress at bay.