Bringing meals to the homebound community - Meals-on-Wheels


For the third time, the Frozen Lime Asia team volunteered with the Meals-on-Wheels programme with Touch Community Services. Meals-on-Wheels is a meal delivery programme to meet the daily needs of shut-in elderly with mobility challenges.

We welcome our newest team members on board, Jasmine Ong and Aaron Goh in this meaningful afternoon of reaching the community under this programme.

Delivering meals engages one’s senses to be sensitive to factors such as dietary requirements, following specific instructions on the delivery list and being alert for anything out of the ordinary that may require immediate response.

Divided into two teams, we set off on a sunny Friday afternoon to our assigned addresses. It was quite an exploratory adventure as we were challenged with finding the right address in the shortest time to ensure the meals were still piping hot. Some residences required us to climb a few flights of stairs but seeing the elderly waiting with smiles at the sight of their bento boxes followed by a polite “thank you” and pleasantries made our day.

The Frozen Lime team is grateful for this opportunity to contribute in our small way to connect with the shut-in elderly and to give back to society. In the midst of our busy lives, it is too easy to forget that a greater part of society needs whatever help they can get. Every little bit helps, and we look forward to our next session!

If you’re interested to be part of this programme, contact and find out how you can sign up.