Team Frozen Lime Asia Volunteers to Deliver Meals on Wheels


Embarking on our very first CSR activity for the company, Team FLA worked with Touch Community Services and volunteered our time to deliver meals to the frail elderly in various districts in Singapore. 

On Friday afternoon last week, our team arrived at Touch Community Services in Toa Payoh for a briefing session with Irene Ho, the MOW programme coordinator. Irene took us through the do's and dont's and also alerted us on things to look out - it was all very detailed. We were also briefed about the various types of meals - Normal, Diabetic Meal, Soft Meal, Porridge and Vegetarian for the recipients. 

Following the briefing, Team FLA quickly split into two teams, picked up the packed meals and off we went. Between 3.30pm and 6.30pm all 60 piping hot meals had to be delivered for the dinner run. 

Our teams were delivering in the HDB estates of Toa Payoh, Whampoa, Mcnair, Towner, St George, Potong Pasir. Here are some thoughts our team members would like to share the experience:

Jasmine: It was an eye-opener to understand the various community services Touch Community runs, and the extensive effort/manpower required, mostly on voluntary basis. While we understand that frailty setting in with age is something inevitable, coming face-to-face with the challenges that I saw, was both humbling and a jolt to reality. When handing over the meals, the hands that clasped mine in thanks touched me greatly. Touched, because as just a tiny cog in the wheel of Touch Community's MOW programme, I helped to ensure someone went to bed with a full and happy belly. 

Adelina: This volunteering experience has given me a greater awareness of the frail, elderly and their needs. Besides delivering a nutritious meal to their doorstep, volunteers also help to check on the well-being of the home-bound person, and alert for assistance if needed. I’m happy that we were able to bless the elderly community through this contribution and will not hesitate to volunteer in future. 

Jagdish: Such a humbling experience, makes me realise just how much help one may require at that frail age. Do hope that I can contribute more to this area. 

Serene: Glad to know we can do our bit to assist the frail and needy elderly.

Lawrence: On the onset, delivering meals doesn't seem like a difficult task. Pick up food, send to the home of the person who needs this meal. Simple. Done. My first experience at this MOW activity was, however, beyond 'just simple'. The amount of work in preparing to deliver the meals is tremendous - coordination of volunteers daily, dietary needs, operational logistics went beyond what I imagined. And that thank you and smile from that frail elderly? Priceless! Certainly am very privileged to have participated in this activity.

Aileene: It was a new experience for me, I was a little nervous at first knocking on doors of strangers but after a few doors, you realise the elderly are expecting, waiting for their meal, and thank you for the delivery. It's such a small thing to do on my part, yet means much to them. I feel blessed being able to do this little bit for them. It's humbling and meaningful. 

Team FLA will certainly plan to help out again! 

According to Irene, she needs 120 volunteers each day to deliver Lunch and Dinner for this MOW programme! Everyday folks, no off days - the elderly need to eat everyday 365 days a year. Her critical need periods are weekdays in the afternoon for the dinner run, and the vacation months of November, December, and January when volunteers are back at work and their kids back at school.

So if you have a team, a company, group or your family and friends would like to do something meaningful to help out, please contact Irene Ho at the Touch mainline +65 6804 6537 or visit for more details. Irene has charge of MOW as well as other programmes that you and your groups can volunteer for.