Frozen Lime Asia Maximises Photography For You and Your Brand


What value do you place on a photoshoot of your property, and how do you get the most out of it for your brand?

Frozen Lime Asia's photoshoot guru Aileene has directed countlesss hospitality shoots for many resort and city locations, including Hyatt International, Banyan Tree, Angsana resorts, and Galaxy Macau just to name a few, and is the perfect person to direct and optimise your shoots. Read on for her tips...

Burning Questions:
What's the value of a good photograph? 
How much can a great image library do for your brand, your property, and for how long? 

The answers lie in several key factors. Here are some tips! 

Tip #1: Work with a shoot team that knows what it's doing! 
A professional photographer, and director/stylist are critical - choose a team that suits your budgets, understands your brand style, has agreeable timing and are good to work with! 

With the marketing landscape thrown wide open these days, and hospitality business performance relying on good images for online and offline marketing, a decent image library is the very basic in getting your brand and product out there to potential customers. 

Tip #2: A good brief has to be given, received, understood and executed on. 
Start with a good brief or you could well end up with a series of images that are way off brief, do not speak to your brand style and positioning, and render practically unusable. 

Tip #3: Detailed pre-planning. 
Schedule the shoot with an agreed shoot list so that expectations are understood and met by all concerned. Choose the right time of year/climate/readiness of property in the case of new properties. Realistic, appropriate time must be given for the required list of shots to be covered. 

Tip #4: The more the property team is able to assist the shoot team with onsite logistics, the more efficient the shoot, the better the results.
Ever asked for palm trees to be trimmed? Or tall city tower windows to be cleaned on the outside? Well I have! Most things can be photo-shopped now, yet not everything! The devil is in the details. 

Tip #5: Post planning and production.
A comprehensive property shoot can take a week or two, but the planning starts way ahead, and post-production must be factored in too. 

A good shoot with fantastic results will create a photo library for you that will last anything from three to five years, before you need to invest in more photography. Your teams will thank you for it, likewise OTAs, TAs, marketing partners, media and the like! Not to mention a spiffy looking website, probably one of the first things your customers look at when making a decision to stay or not stay. 

Contact us if you'd like a chat on how we can help you improve and build on an image library that will make a positive difference to your brand and product marketing. Email me at 

Photo credits in this post: Behind the scenes with Aileene Thangaveloo of Frozen Lime Asia, Eyes on Asia, on location shoot at Sedona Suites Ho Chi Minh City, Grand Tower.