The Frozen Lime Asia Story

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With today being International Women's Day, we’d like to introduce the women co-founders of Frozen Lime Asia. Some of you might be curious as to the founding of the company, so we asked them a few burning questions on your behalf, and here’s what they have to say. Take it away, Ms Jagdish Sandhu, CEO and Ms Serene Law, VP..…

Firstly, for those who may not know, what’s Frozen Lime Asia all about?

Jagdish: FLA is about bringing the synergy of Revenue, Distribution, Sales & Marketing into one integrated loop. 

Why the rather unique name Frozen Lime?

Serene: The name was coined when Jagdish and I came upon the idea of setting up a company - with its very unique blend of outsourced services for hospitality clients, all whilst having a few frozen lime cocktails! You see, the cocktails and long chats over time got our concept for FLA going, and here we are.  Just like any great cocktail that needs all the right ingredients, FLA does the same so why not give credit to the most basic but critical ingredients. 

What's your vision for the company and how do you see it taking off from here and any other future plans?

Jagdish: With limited specialists available in the marketplace, it makes sense for hotels to consider outsourced solutions to be able to tap on professionals with not only the knowledge, but also the experience and aptitude to handle the increasingly complex marketplace today. Focusing on the independent and small to medium groups that may be located in non-primary cities, FLA allows them the opportunity to obtain such expertise with the assistance of technology and convenience. We want to be the preferred partner in Asia. 

What makes FLA different and why should hospitality brands work with you?

Serene: We are unique because we offer a combination of Revenue, Distribution, Sales and Marketing services. As service providers, we support hotels in boosting RevPAR and increasing market share, contributing to their overall revenue growth and profitability. FLA is made up of truly passionate people who have the practicality to provide customers the right solution, at the right time, for the right price.  Our team, has a wide range of experience working with hotels, resorts, spas, F&B and lifestyle brands, regionally and internationally. 

If you’d like to have a chat or ask Jagdish and Serene more questions, give us a call at +65 66610646 or email us at

Wishing all women, a very Happy International Women's Day!