Happy 2018! Frozen Lime Asia All Geared Up to go!


Happy 2018, friends of FLA!

We hope you had a wonderful and meaningful holiday season with your loved ones and that the new year has started well for you.

Team FLA are revving up and raring to go!

We took a little time out to ask each team member their personal and business goals and wishes for the year, and here's what they shared with us...

New Zealand

Jagdish, CEO & Co-Founder

Jagdish is already picking up right where 2017 ended - growing the business and building the Frozen Lime Asia footprint through Asia!

And when work allows her to take a break, she would like to take time to be one with Mother Nature, and also give back to the community with service.

Sounds like absolutely the right direction Jag.

Serene, VP & Co-Founder 

Serene wishes for and is working on growing the Hotel portfolio in key cities, improve sales productivity and effectively manage costs.

On the personal front, Serene will endeavour to keep fit and healthy, and travel to new destinations.

Way to go Serene.



Aileene, Director, Marketing

Aileene looks forward to connecting and working on varied, interesting Hotels and Food & Beverage portfolios in different regions.

Personally, Aileene wants to treasure each day with family and friends far and near, travel to new cultures and experiences, do a little outreach, and stay healthy and happy.

Yes that sounds like a plan!  

Jasmine, Business Operations Manager 

Jasmine wishes for new clients for FLA,  whilst establishing the new and developing FLA culture with more like-minded individuals with the FLA spirit.

On a personal level, Jasmine hopes to give priority to health, happiness and to do more ministry work and see success in cases she takes on.

Every success to Jasmine.


WhatsApp Image 2018-01-17 at 18.59.35.jpeg

Adelina, Revenue & Distribution Manager 

Adelina is working to drive positive results for client portfolios and working together with the team on the expansion towards a diverse portfolio. 

Personally, she would like to be able to dedicate more time to the animal shelter and learn a new skill.

What might that be Adelina? 

Zhi Hoe, Assistant Sales Manager 

Zhi Hoe looks forward to building stronger relationships with new and existing clients, as well as seek innovative solutions to solve issues.

Personally, Zhi Hoe would like to take on more exciting challenges, be more involved in volunteer work and also more disciplined in fulfilling his personal goals.

Sounds good, Zhi Hoe!