Getting Your Strategy Right!

Just last week the Frozen Lime Asia team were up in Kuala Lumpur, participating at an exciting Distribution Strategy Studio with partners RateGain, HotelsCombined, eMarketing Eye and SHR. 

Organised to demonstrate to hoteliers how the online distribution landscape is complex and ever-evolving, the conference speakers covered the multiple dynamics involved and how to build a strong online presence, understand source markets, utilise the right channels and promotions, as well as leveraging technology to make it work! 

Frozen Lime Asia CEO, Ms Jagdish Sandhu got the attendees all revved up and excited with her presentation on Revenue Management and Distribution Best Practices for Independent Hotels! Hoteliers were most keen to hear what this hospitality revenue management specialist had to share on navigating and optimising the best approach in pricing, channel management and inventory controls while factoring in marketing capabilities. Post-presentation saw lots of mingling as attendees wanted to find out more!

Thanks for having us! 

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